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What is the indefinable quality about a Charles Church home that makes it so special, and makes so many aspire to owning one? Good question, this is the place for your reviews, comments and experiences, good and bad. Look out for the snagging list polls. 
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Posted by: moose (IP Logged)
Date: Wednesday, 12-Dec-2007, 11:51:10

Having been ripped of by one builder over 300 items needed correcting on the day we moved in. (we even had a hole in the lounge floor that had been carpeted over) I decided to learn how to snag a house.

The first thing I learnt is SNAG WITHOUT REMORSE. The site manager or rep is not my freind he or she is being paid to do as little as possible.

I aquired a snagging guide via the internet (best 20 i have spent in years) and proceedede to understand what should be done and why. The devil is in the detail.

Builders will cover up all sorts of problems if they can. (they dug a hole in our garden , not a little hole a really big one , and then proceeded to dump the site rubbish in it. ) Caught them red handed.

I would say to anyone purchasing . Regardless of the builder or their reputation good or bad. They are all basically going to do as little as possible.

Go through the house inside and out picking every tiny thing you dont like and add to the snagg list . Get you soli to threaten retentions or compensation. Play hard ball with a vengance and dont be nice. Be very precise. Always give them at least 10 copies of your snag list (for all the subbies etc) and get all their mobile numbers so you can harass them at odd time , after work hours is great.

Be brutal and you might end up with a home worth living in.

Posted by: starlitegaize (IP Logged)
Date: Wednesday, 19-Oct-2011, 02:50:42

What was the snagging book you bought? It might be a bit late, but I'd like to hammer them and the NHBC...

Posted by: undlou (IP Logged)
Date: Friday, 18-Nov-2011, 13:38:45

yeah im also interested in the snag book. my house isnt built yet but im sure i'll find something.

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