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What is the indefinable quality about a Charles Church home that makes it so special, and makes so many aspire to owning one? Good question, this is the place for your reviews, comments and experiences, good and bad. Look out for the snagging list polls. 
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messageMaxwell Gait
Posted by: nmearns (IP Logged)
Date: Monday, 30-May-2011, 16:00:07

We moved into Maxwell Gait in Newton Mearns and are still fighting to get our plumbing sorted. They have installed pumps which the plumbers say are outdated and not suitable for these houses. The noise of the pumps is like a plane taking off- try sleeping/ watching tv while that goes on. Most neighbours were having problems with water cutting out and so now they have fitted restrictors onto our showers so that instead of a nice powerful flow it's realy low pressure.

I really feel that I wish we hadn't bought the house now but are stuck. My advice to anyone considering a house in Maxwell Gait- DO NOT BUY HERE. You may live to regret it like us.

I live in hope that one day this will be sorted but that seems ever increasingly unlikely.

messageRe: Maxwell Gait
Posted by: Kneejerk (IP Logged)
Date: Tuesday, 31-May-2011, 22:33:19

Sorry to hear about your troubles at the Charles Church development. Make sure you keep records of everything and write and complain. Better still get together with your neighbours and write collectively as well. However, what tends to happen is that individual arrangements are made with each owner, so Charles Church likes to 'divide and conquour'.

Were there many snags on your property other than this problem?

messageconfused smileyRe: Maxwell Gait
Posted by: Aryaman (IP Logged)
Date: Tuesday, 10-Jan-2012, 08:09:57

confused smiley
I have been seriously considering buying property at this development as it is very close to the school, but now I am bit worried after reading nmearns experience!! Is problem sorted yet? More advice appreciated?

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