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What is the indefinable quality about a Charles Church home that makes it so special, and makes so many aspire to owning one? Good question, this is the place for your reviews, comments and experiences, good and bad. Look out for the snagging list polls. 
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messageLatest comments?
Posted by: tom2606 (IP Logged)
Date: Tuesday, 24-Aug-2010, 08:56:29


Has anyone dealt with Charles Church recently? Any experience on quality / price / delivering on promises would be greatly appreciated.

I'm looking at buying a house on a new development - but nothing has been finished yet.



messageRe: Latest comments?
Posted by: p*55ed Off (IP Logged)
Date: Friday, 08-Oct-2010, 15:03:32

very poor customer service

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messageRe: Latest comments?
Posted by: starlitegaize (IP Logged)
Date: Wednesday, 19-Oct-2011, 02:48:00

In a word? Don't!

Charles Church houses are Persimmon Homes by another name - there is no higher quality - it's just a premium name they use.
The quality is actually shocking - plastic central heating pipes - radiators that can be easily knocked off their brackets... Kitchen is si cheap, it makes IKEA look like PoggenPohl... The baths are appalling quality, and the taps on the cloakroom basin are so close to the wall you can't turn them on or off easily.

The staircase is coming away from the wall - there are ominous creaking noises on the first floor, knocking in the outflow of the en suite... The doors are so cheap as is the ironmongery.

Watch out, the show home has been spec'd up - your house will not have what they put in the show home.

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