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messageLaw Society of Scotland - The Journal, 15 Mar. 2010, 'Consumer Code for Home Builders'
Posted by: Admin (IP Logged)
Date: Saturday, 03-Apr-2010, 10:06:46

messageRe: Law Society of Scotland - The Journal, 15 Mar. 2010, 'Consumer Code for Home Builders'
Posted by: UnhappyCustomer (IP Logged)
Date: Tuesday, 11-Jan-2011, 12:05:58

Quoting from the article:- "the Code aims to ensure that home buyers are treated fairly, know what service levels to expect, are given reliable information upon which to make their decisions and know how to access speedy, low-cost dispute resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied." [end quote]

We found anything but the above when buying new from Charles Church, and even recent complaints following the new home buyers code (to regional directors) fell on deaf ears we felt.

Of concern for new buyers is whether Charles Church and Persimmon Homes past failures will be repeated over again in the future - and will the new code see Charles Church and Persimmon Homes improve customer service and quality of workmanship and remedial works. In short, can a leopard change its spots?

I feel the spokesperson for Charles Church and Persimmon Homes, is saying that nothing will actually change for the better with the new consumer code as far as Charles Church and Persimmon Homes are concerned.

But rather than hear my opinion of what Persimmon Homes might do differently in the future, please read their own statement and position regarding the new consumer code for home buyers,

This statement is taken from Persimmon Homes website. Dominic Harman, Persimmon Homes' Group Communications Director, statement:-

"We welcome the new Consumer code for Housebuilders which we fully complied with in our original customer charter. The new Consumer Code has been developed over many months of consultation with industry stakeholders. It can only be seen as a positive step to further ensure homebuyers get the very best service that they should expect from a responsible and reliable house builder like Persimmon". [end quote]

Dominic Harman is also Charles Church’s Group Communications Director, and is quoted on their website as saying:-

“We welcome the new Consumer Code for home builders which we fully complied with in our original customer charter. The Charles Church Commitment sets out our promise to those who purchase our new homes and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to ensure that our staff are trained so that our customers get our full attention to detail, support and a consistent approach to making their moving experience enjoyable.” [end quote]

If as Dominic Harman says, they fully complied with the new Consumer Code, in their original (old) customer charter, then to me this implies that in the future they will do what they did in the past and thus suggesting to me they do not need to change. However the complaints over the last ten years regarding Charles Church and Persimmon Homes suggest change is of urgent importance in my opinion.

Their old customer charter and prior and current marketing claims all sound very good indeed, however I found them to be untrue in our experience and thus worthless, and this continues to be the case as I write this.

I can agree with Dominic Harman regarding how other Charles Church customers receive a 'consistent approach to making their moving experience enjoyable' albeit I don't agree with the word 'enjoyable' being used in this isntance.

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